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SiteBuilderBuilder is the Reseller Program for hosting providers, web agencies and media provider who want to provide to their customers and annovative site builder with their brand. 

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How to manage customers from CRM


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Customers management, website activation and deactivation


From the Customer Management section of your CRM you can monitor free and professional sites activated with your Site Builder.

From the All Customers section you can:

- view all the sites generated with your site builder
- perform searches by domain name, registration email address, type of account or activation status.

Click on Edit Site to access the site editor, on site visit to be directed to your domain.

By clicking on See Profile you can:

- change the login email or password. This change will be automatically applied to all registered sites with the same email address.
- Reset the account to allow it to re-register with your site builder;
- monitor the customer's personal data and the transactions carried out.

If a FREE site is in a non-active state it means that it has been deactivated from your CRM, deleted from the editor or the trial time you have set in the Account Free Settings section has expired.
Free accounts disabled can not be restored.

If a Pro site is in a non-active state, it can be restored from Pro Reactivations section of your CRM.

From the Users Activation section you can monitor the pro sites being activated. Find the details about the domain, whether it is a new activation or a domain transfer and the activation date.
If a site is in "To be activated" section you can stop the activation.

If your sites stay on for a long time, be sure to:

- have sufficient credit for the purchase of professional subscriptions;
- have correctly set the A and CNAME records if you have chosen to change the DNS of the domain;
- enter the correct transfer code and that the domain does not have the transfer blocked;
- have correctly entered all the data during registration.

The Register Pro website section allows you to activate professional websites for your customers.

Pro deactivations, on the other hand, allows you to disable a pro subscription and downgrade to a free site.

Click on Reactivate Pro to re-enable the previously disabled pro sites.

If you want to generate coupon codes to give to your customers for the activation of annual professional subscriptions, click on Add Coupon and type the code you want to generate, the discounted price and the expiry date of the coupon.


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