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SiteBuilderBuilder is the Reseller Program for hosting providers, web agencies and media provider who want to provide to their customers and annovative site builder with their brand. 

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Your Site Builder with your Brand


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Create Your White Label Site Builder and resell the most innovative solution to create a website.

No credit required. You just pay for licenses sold.

12/07/2017, 19:20

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 After Website Delivery your clients should manage their websites by themselves. Why not delivering a beautiful app to manage the website?

After the creation of a website for your customers, one of the main issues to be addressed is the site maintenance.


Gone are the days where for each change in the website, there is the need to involve a coder: it is now possible to deliver a final "turnkey" solution that the client himself can manage with ease.


The customer may update the website by itself without writing a line of code, update contact information, write new blog posts, move items, create photogalleries, add videos and much more by using drag and drop technology, where everything is managed with a visual UI.


The Site Builder Builder solution, with a simple and powerful visual editor, is the perfect fit for freelancers and agencies for the creation of websites for their customers.


A very important feature of the Site Builder Builder solution is the possibility to provide customers with a useful app, customized with a custom logo and visual identity, and which may be used to handle the customer’s site.


By installing the app, your customer can:

- Check the visitors statistics. It is possible to check the most visited pages on a daily basis, your online visitors and so on.

- Chat in real time: a very powerful feature that allows your customer to communicate with its visitors while they are online on the website.

- Receive notifications about comments that visitors leave on the pages of the site. 

- Add new photos in the website photogalleries.

- Check the earnings coming from advertisement banners


The app is one of the features that make the Site Builder Builder solution unique.


Among the other important features of Site Builder Builder solution it’s also worth to mention:

- The creation of a reseller portal with your brand, both in "do it yourself" or "turnkey solution" mode. You can create your portal from scratch or integrate Site Builder Builder technology with your pre-existing website

- Extremely powerful yet easy "Drag&drop" interface. No need to code.

- We will provide you with the marketing material to sell websites to your customers


Have you already tried the "Site Builder Builder" solution?

05/05/2016, 12:53

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 Creating perfect sites for customers is the biggest challenge for agencies and freelancers. Here it is the best solution for you

Creating quality websites while keeping costs low is the daily challenge for freelancers and web agencies.

The quality factor is not the only thing we need to take into account.

Timing is another fundamental variable: the project has to be delivered according to the deadline agreed with the customer.


There are many online tools to build websites in a easy way: a current trend that stands out is that of the site builders.

Flazio, for example, is a powerful tool that allows everyone to create a website with super-simple drag&drop interface. 

With this technology, designers can use all their creativity and skills without writing a single line of code.


A further step is to have a complete platform that allows not only the creation but also the resale of the websites according to two different modes:

- Diy: the customer is given the site building tool and is able to create his own website in just a few clicks. Starting from templates and using a very powerful yet easy to use interface, customers are able to create their business website by adding and moving components into the web pages. 

The agency will earn a commission for each site sold through the reseller portal.


- Turnkey solution: the agency is responsible for the creation of the website, using the easy and intuitive interface of the site builder, and then deliver the product to their customers. After the delivery, the customers can edit the site whenever they wish, adding elements, text and any other components . The agency can charge the final customer depending on their standard pricing and will pay a small fee for each active website of the "Site Builder Builder" platform.


Thanks to the Site Builder Builder solution, you can create a reseller portal, customized with the agency brand and based on Flazio technology. If the agency or the freelancer already owns a website the new SBB technology can be integrated with the pre-existing website.


A solution such as Site Builder Builder solves a number of common problems for the agency:

- Create a reseller portal at zero cost.

- Using a technology that is extraordinarily powerful yet easy, and which gives a perfect balance between graphic quality and speed of execution in building the websites.

- No need to care about technical issues and typical programming bugs. The platform takes care of updating itself, providing compatibility with latest generation devices.

- Manage the online payments of your customers.

Try now "Site Builder Builder" for your website creation business. 

What are you waiting for? 


08/10/2013, 12:53

free templates, template gratis


 Having Free Templates is a great starting point when you need to create stunning websites for your customers. Why not having them for free?

With the objective of optimizing time and costs, your agency should have free ready-made and beautiful templates that you can offer to your customers.

Whether the client is a freelancer or a small business owner it is useful to have a good starting point with quality templates, where you can apply all the adaptations to make them perfect and tailored to their specific business.


The Site Builder Builder solution contains a large number of templates made with love by professional designers, following the latest web trends and ensuring a perfect browsability.


[CTA - Start using Site Builder Builder now]


You will find the templates under "Site Builder Settings" -> "Customize Apps".

In the work area you will find the tabs: "Templates", and "Personal Templates".


Inside "Templates" you will find a lot of beautiful templates for professionals such as photographers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. You can also find stunning templates for business: from hotels to restaurants, wellness center as well as generic templates for small businesses. 


From the menu you can apply a checkmark only to some of the templates: customers working in DIY mode, will only see the templates that you have previously selected.


Each of these templates is built to give the best user experience to the end user and they are built on the powerful Flazio website building platform, internationally recognized as a "top in class" SaaS for the construction of websites in the cloud. 

Using the drag&drop technology you can change the template without having to write a line of code: just add elements and text, configure forms and colors, move elements inside your pages with just a few clicks. 


You can also create your own templates inside "Personal Templates" section and make them available to your customers. You can start with an already made template and modify it or, if you are a creative with a good expertise in web design, you can start with a blank page and create a template from scratch.


The free templates that you can find in the "Site Builder Builder" solution can be divided into two main categories:

- One-page templates: the site is built on a single page, that can be visited from top to bottom, where it is really easy to explore all the sections. The navigation menu need to scroll to the "anchor" point, that is, towards the section to which the menu item points to. The downside of one-page templates is the increase of the bounce rate (users leaving the page from which they entered).


- Business Templates: inside these templates you find the pages that are most commonly used on the web so to give to the visitors an online experience which is pleasant and intuitive. Some examples: a home page that is clear with a beautiful image and a call to action and, if relevant for your business, a clear subscription form; a contacts page with a map and e-mail address contact; an "about us" page that explains more about the company or the professional, and so on.


The free templates are just a reason for which it is worth to use the "Site Builder Builder" solution.

Among other characteristics we mention:

- The creation of a reseller portal with your brand, that can work both for "do it yourself" "turnkey solution" customers

- Visual "drag&drop" technology: no need to write a line of code (which does not exclude the possibility to insert your own HTML or Javascript code for more advanced users) 


What are you waiting for to try free templates for your Site Builder Builder? :)



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